Pleasant travel program

Do you know the anime industry in Japan?


Pleasant travel program

【동영상】일본의 「만화」「요사코이」 등 고치 독특한 일본 문화를 접하는 유명한 여행 프로그램입니다.
【Movie】This is a fun travel program that touches on Kochi's unique Japanese culture such as "manga" and "yosakoi".

Link to "Manga Kingdom Tosa" English site

인스타그래머 "Soo Jin Lee"의 일본 만화 여행
インスタグラマー Soo Jin Leeさんの日本漫画旅

Soo Jin Lee가 만화 문화가 활발한 일본의 고치현을 여행하는 프로그램입니다.
<韓国>Soo Jin Leeさんが、漫画文化が盛んな日本の高知県を旅する番組です

Instagrammer Diana Alto's Japan Manga Journey
インスタグラマー ダイアナ アルトさんの日本漫画旅

<USA> A program in which Diana Alto travels to Kochi Prefecture, Japan, where manga culture is thriving.
<アメリカ> ダイアナ アルトさんが、漫画文化が盛んな日本の高知県を旅する番組です


Instagram 用户 胡嘉 的日本漫画之旅

胡嘉 是一档前往漫画文化蓬勃发展的日本高知县的节目。


Do you know the anime industry in Japan?

Audio is in Japanese.
An active animation production staff talks about the actual situation of the production site.

A dialogue between the producer and animator of Wit Studio Co., Ltd., which has released various hits such as "SPY x FAMILY".

If you are interested in the animation industry or looking for a job, please take a look.



Kazuki Yamanaka (from Kochi Prefecture)
Wit Studio Producer Co., Ltd. Produced anime "SPY x FAMILY", "Bubble", etc.

(株)ウイットスタジオプロデューサー  アニメ「SPY×FAMILY」、「バブル」などをプロデュース

Megumi Tomita (Living in Kochi Prefecture)
Wit Studio Animator Co., Ltd. Produced 12 types of "SPY x FAMILY" main visuals (1st course)

(株)ウイットスタジオアニメーター  SPY×FAMILYメインビジュアル12種類(第1クール)などを制作

Kabuto Miyaji (Living in Kochi Prefecture)
Former production manager at Wit Studio Co., Ltd. In charge of publicity for "Attack on Titan" season 2 and season 3

元(株)ウイットスタジオ制作進行  進撃の巨人シーズン2、シーズン3などの宣伝担当